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Title: Unrelated Response?
Post by: thelovingcynic on May 08, 2018, 11:24:00 am
In my current replay, during the 1st call, I had the woman play dead in front of the bear in her kitchen. She said it worked. The bear left. I said, "Classic bear stuff." After which she says, "I nailed him right in the nose! Perfect aim! He wailed and took off out the window like a BABY!"

(In this scenario, I had got her to bring her chess trophy with her.)

Couple of Questions:
1) Was she really supposed to answer that? Did you really plan for her to hit the bear's nose even after playing dead?
2) How can a bear take off out the window? Was it a bear cub?

I'm sure what you had planned for this scenario, her response seems off. Sorry if this is nothing.